John Varvatos and Patrón

Branding, Packaging, Manufacturing


    This was the first designer collaboration for Patrón and the first spirits collaboration for John Varvatos.


    Raise awareness of Patrón Añejo as an extremely high quality sipping spirit to be savored.


    Attract attention with a high end collectible gift campaign. Mode brought together John Varvatos and Patrón to create a limited edition bottle stopper, shaped and designed as John imagined it - a guitar head rocking out the top of the bottle. Mode realized the branding, logo and execution of the stopper, bringing to life the rock n' roll aesthetic that John was able to lend to the project. Our friends at Society Awards - makers of the Golden Globes - manufactured the stopper in solid gunmetal with 24kt gold accents. That's some VAP - it's a gift in itself. "As a fan of Patrón tequila for many years, I thought we'd lend a little rock 'n' roll attitude to the brand" says Varvatos. Thank you John and Patrón from all the fans of Añejo this holiday season!

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