SKYY Blue Velvet Bottle

Packaging & Manufacturing


    This project was SKYY's first-ever LTO direct-decorated bottle and the first flocked spirits bottle on the market, innovating the spirits landscape.


    Elevate SKYY's brand and business, raise awareness for SKYY as a quality product and bring existing customer's attention back while bringing attention from new customers to see SKYY again as the quality, iconic and innovate brand that is part of its heritage. LTO around the holidays gives the chance to "dress up" fancier than usual.


    Mode gravitated towards what would later turn out to be the pattern of-the-moment, creating a baroque design to decorate the trademark blue bottle. Sumptuous velvet flocking brought the project to life. This revolutionary design changes the dynamic of how bottle design can be approached. Mode's groundbreaking strategy blended the worlds of high fashion and spirits utilizing the baroque-themed pattern with a tangible element of sensuous velvet to create a sexy, alluring bottle. The result is a product that will help customers to see SKYY as the quality, iconic and innovative brand that has always been a part of its impressive heritage. In addition, as part of the initiative SKYY partnered with amfAR and donated a percentage of the proceeds from bottle sales to the foundation. Sexy and charitable, can't beat that!


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